Agritourism Su Boschettu

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why come to us ?

1 – A  important and ancient  house immersed in nature and silence for you, where everything adapts at your times and rhythms. Spacious rooms with wide bathroom and enchanting landscapes. At the centre of a territory rich in historical, archaeological, environmental attractions.  At only 5 minutes from the Big Road. From our house in one hour you will reach the most beautiful beaches of South West Sardinia … the most beautiful in the world


2 -A big multifunctional farm where everything that is brought to the table is picked at the moment. A farm that has been perfectioning tradition for 200 years, so that EVERYTHING is not only typical, but is really exclusive and unique, AUTHENTIC.


3 –  Su Boschettu Agritourism COOKERY is well-known and appreciated in the whole South West Sardinia but also internationally.   All the products are natural according to the most rigorous standards of typicality, where nothing is left to chance. In the kitchen Noemi elaborates and re-elaborates the traditional dishes to make every day a unique day. For this reason who has chosen the authenticity as vocation recommends us

Lonely Planet

4 – Quality has slow times
Agritourism definition is not enough, the name must be deserved day by day. The experience, the tradition can’t be bought, 200 years of experiences in agricultural and culinary productions, gathered together so that our experience becomes YOUR experience. The scents and the flavours, a search of lost time that becomes recovered time at our home. Sensations to bring with you , memories to keep forever.

Total-quality-respect of times

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