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TOTAL QUALITY AND LAND- Every time I see a new machinery at work I remember the scene of an old small carpenter’s shop where I took refuge when I was a child in my free time, fascinated by the TRANSFORMATION. Inanimate wood that becomes tool, instruments for daily life,chairs, tables.
The lathe, the ability to create unusual shapes starting from a wood square attracted my childish attention most of all. A machinery now put in operation by an electric motor and with iron splindles.
In a corner there was also an old lathe put in operation by a pedal and a mechanism, functioning but by now disused. I watched it, I touched it, sometimes I had the permission to make it turn.It was my main interest. During a stormy day the power went off for the whole day, and the old lathe had its day of glory. The master approached, dusted, from a small drawer at the bottom he extracted some small iron sharp objects putting them on a slat of wood, a rough tool carrier, he pressed his foot on the crank and the machinery, squeaking, started to work again. Like in a dance the master started to move the tool and soon after here it is, a piece exactly alike the others already made with the electric machinery. “But it works” I said, “ Oh” he replied “it’s not the energy that pushes the piece on the spindle that counts , but the tool and the experience that make the quality end product”.

Today everybody brag using words like “ Short supply chain”, “Fourth range products”, “Natural local products” , as they were the essence of quality in agricultural production.

Not many people remember that the basis of everything is the LAND, the way you work the soil on which you’ll plant the seeds and the plants from which you’ll obtain the products you’ll later serve. If you don’t respect the correct working and enrichment systems of the land you’ll get a product without quality. It can be NATURAL but not AUTHENTIC. Consistency, smell, flavour are already modified on the field. AUTHENTIC products need those times, rhythms, places.Only in this way we’ll get TYPICAL naturally biological products, without any adulteration.
We have intentionally opened the photographic gallery with a bucolic and quaint picture. It’s a provocation, even in SOUTH WESTERN SARDINIA the YOKES to pull the tools have disappeared, now there are powerful and low polluting tractors, planned for a low energy consumption at square metre worked.
But the TOOLS are the same:
Harrows  at minimum tillage for the of organic remains landfill, natural mineralization of the soil, ventilation of the surface layer to respect the micro environment of useful bacteria and insects that collaborate to the fracture and transformation of remains in nutrients used by plants.
Hoeing machines, surely with larger windrow than in the past, but the tool that the soil is identical, a spring hook planned to make particles vibrate and avoid the formation of compact soil layers that can give problems of water stagnation.

Seeder: modern, but the devices to plant seeds are always the same.Small vibrant anchors adjustable in depth to scrape only the soil to plant the most delicate seeds deposition.
a roller at alternate spikes that flattens the soil in surface without compacting it.  
   And so the images used have a meaning, the memory that goes back to the old carpenter’s wise statement. It’s not the energy that pushes the tool to determine the work quality but it’s the tool used and the man’s EXPERIENCE in making all cultivations at the right time, respecting the METEOROLOGICAL cycles.

Products quality can’t exist without the attention to LAND and CULTIVATIONS quality..

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