Agritourism Su Boschettu

Arrive Nights




The carnival in Sardinia has ancien traditions. This is evident from the carnivals barbaricini from anthropomorphic and zoomorphic masks, the clothes of goat skins, coarse wool and cowbells. They are the remaining of mysterious rites, dances and propitiatory rites. Even the context is something archaic, the Fires of St. Anthony on January 18 of each year, opening, in Sardinia, the carnival, are nothing more than the ancestral relationship between man and fire. All are spectacular, the Mammuthones of Mamoiada, and everyone else around the Nuoro province. But the most striking ones are those that refer on the relationship between horse and man. Carnivals that are Equestrian Games, games of skill like that of Oristano (“Sa Sartiglia”), in the southwest of Sardinia, or how to Santulussurgiu (“Sa Carrela ‘Nanti”), a little further north, where the knights show their value, courage and ability, in one EMPATHETIC Knights and Horses. It ‘a unique opportunity to visit SARDINIA PIU’ GENUINE.

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