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The globalization’s first effect has been the homogenization of TASTES, everywhere the same seeds, grape varieties, kinds of fruit plants, the same fertilizers, protections for cultivations, working systems of the soil and of the products are used. Together with these ones even the microorganisms guilty of fermentations are exported. It’s obvious that even a top quality genuine product will never be authentic.Sardinian grapes fermented with French yeast will surely give a not authentic wine. A Grano Cappelli flour made with beer yeast will give an excellent French loaf, not a good CIVRAXIU bread . Our main purpose when we operate is keeping and offering an AUTHENTIC product, AUTHENTIC , this is the word that summarizes our task. Three are the magic words to make AUTHENTIC things.

  • Respect of METEOROLOGICAL rhythms, the random continue happening of the seasons that distinguish a year from another. About wine, oil, spirits, fruit preserves, honey, sausages.
  • Respect of , TRADITION, meant as knowledge deriving from long-time experience.Su Boschettu agritourism is an integral part, launch window for the world of Carrucciu farm. A MULTIFUNCTIONAL farm with a very long history, at least 200 years. From generation to generation gaining EXPERIENCE in cultivating, breeding, transform and conserve.
  • INNOVATION , using modern technologies and machineries, to keep quality without altering traditional working systems.

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