Agritourism Su Boschettu

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Fulfill a dream. Just a trip in Sardinia

Just a dream, the dream of dreams. Now we’ve got it   to admire the amazing Sardinia in person. A time travel, a travel in endless spaces to discover an unique culture and history, traditions that are still alive as time has not stopped. Who defined Sardinia almost a continent, many years ago, is right. We are ready at Su Boschettu Agritourism with our typical cooking. Flight connections are low cost from the whole europ to Cagliari an Alghero airport . An unmissable occasion, stopping over at Su Boschettu Agritourism and visit the Nuragic complex of Barumini ( UNESCO World Heritage Site) ,  the Giara di Tuili e Gesturi, beautiful beaches of fine white sand.  The   most beautiful beaches   in the world. 

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