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Parties, ceremonies and events

Parties, ceremonies and events

Our ultra-decennial experience allows us to satisfy the most varied requests in the restaurant sector, from the simple daily meal for workers to the most complex parties and ceremonies. Everything always rigorously with ingredients of our Farm or of other local producers. Su Boschettu agritourism in South Western Sardinia is open all the year, all days. A business lunch, a baptism, holy communion, confirmation, diploma,academic degree parties,silver wedding anniversary, golden wedding anniversary and for all other family anniversaries – school trips, organized in guided tours to Barumini , the Giara di Tuili or Sardinia in miniature, to the surrounding museums, with both buffet and served meal. For a lunch or dinner at Su boschettu agritourism a short notice, a phone call to the number +39 3334797401 a couple of hours before is enough and the work is done.Su Boschettu’s restaurant is renowned in the area and also internationally. Besides we are recommended by Lonely Planet guide and positively reviewed on. Tripadvisor. Famous for the numerous and plentiful courses, for their variety, food freshness, the traditional dishes, the unique flavours deriving from a deep knowledge of traditional techniques, the creativity in creating and re-elaborating the traditional recipes for an always different party.The traditional sweets, cakes, desserts with very fresh ingredients are very appreciated. The large recreation ground, in front of the dining room, allows to keep kids who play under control during the meal.Relaxation for parents, safety for kids.The price ranges on average between 22 and 30 euros per person. The number of the participants and the kind of service affect the unit price.Everything is included, except any extra service.Discounts for kids and extra discount for groups.

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