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Longevity and quality of life

Expo 2015 and Sardinia

Now we’ve got it. Expo 2015 will be inaugurated in Milan on May 1 2015. The Italian Pavilion is ready to accommodate visitors from all over the world. Sardinia is present with a strategic and promotional project
“ Longevità e qualità della vita” ( Longevity and quality of life”), they are the keywords. It’s an inseparable combination and Sardinia proves it. A land in which you live longer than the average life expectancy and where the number of centenarians is very high. It’s an opportunity, for many visitors of other continents to Expo 2015, after the visit to the Italian Pavillion and the Sardinian Space, to admire the amazing Sardinia in person. A time travel, a travel in endless spaces to discover an unique culture and history, traditions that are still alive as time has not stopped. Who defined Sardinia almost a continent, many years ago, is right. We are ready at Su Boschettu Agritourism with our typical cooking. Flight connections are low cost from the whole North Italy to Cagliari. An unmissable occasion, stopping over at Su Boschettu Agritourism and visit the Nuragic complex of Barumini ( UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the Giara di Tuili e Gesturi.

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