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All food served was directly from the farm and was excellent The staff were very friendly GuestBook

Fulfill a dream. Just a trip in Sardinia

Just a dream, the dream of dreams. Now we’ve got it   to admire the amazing Sardinia in person. A time travel, a travel in endless spaces to discover an unique culture and history, traditions that are still alive as time has not stopped. Who defined Sardinia almost a continent, many years[ see ]

Longevity and quality of life

Expo 2015 and Sardinia

Now we’ve got it. Expo 2015 will be inaugurated in Milan on May 1 2015. The Italian Pavilion is ready to accommodate visitors from all over the world. Sardinia is present with a strategic and promotional project “ Longevità e qualità della vita” ( Longevity and quality of life”), they[ see ]


Special Offers at Su Boschettu

We have throughout the year of the times when we can make You good prices. Visit this page to see the days when we have a special offers . Is probable there are days which coincide with the desired period. We respond immediately by sending a special offer for the[ see ]


Offers at Su Boschettu

Cenone di Capodanno E’ oramai un classico il Cenone di Capodanno all’Agriturismo Su Boschettu. Pochi selezionati ospiti in modo da stare veramente comodi, serata danzante organizzata dagli ospiti stessi. Materie prime di qualità eccelsa, Cucina rinomata, Prezzo moderato  rispetto al servizio di livello elevatissimo. Una serata in Agriturismo con i[ see ]

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