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Swimming pool  barumini

The swimming pool

Pauli Arbarei, Sardinia Usually I think the ratings are overvalued. This did not happen in the AGRITURISMO SU BOSCHETTU . The house in a prime location,    in center of  beautiful olive grove.  The dinner was that of beautiful, it is expected of an Italian dinner. The well kept pool, available exclusively[ see ]


Wallander and sardinia

Pauli Arbarei, Sardinien Usually I think the ratings are overvalued. The dinner was that of beautiful, it is expected of an Italian dinner ………………………. Efter ett kaffestopp på Café del museo (wi-fi!) i Villanovaforru landade vi på slätten och Agriturismo Su Boschettu. Där välkomnades vi av Filippo, köttbonde och Wallanderkännare.[ see ]

stephen, Washington D.C

The place was exactly as advertised . The food, all prepared by the owner, was delicious, and among the best we had in our various agriturismo stays GuestBook

Johannes, AU

All food served was directly from the farm and was excellent The staff were very friendly GuestBook

Fulfill a dream. Just a trip in Sardinia

Just a dream, the dream of dreams. Now we’ve got it   to admire the amazing Sardinia in person. A time travel, a travel in endless spaces to discover an unique culture and history, traditions that are still alive as time has not stopped. Who defined Sardinia almost a continent, many years[ see ]

Longevity and quality of life

Expo 2015 and Sardinia

Now we’ve got it. Expo 2015 will be inaugurated in Milan on May 1 2015. The Italian Pavilion is ready to accommodate visitors from all over the world. Sardinia is present with a strategic and promotional project “ Longevità e qualità della vita” ( Longevity and quality of life”), they[ see ]


Sardinia Sud-West the calendar

Sardinia is full of natural beauty , Archaeological Heritage, Monuments and Attractive . Is known worldwide for its uncontaminated sea and the beaches are unique. For a Nuraghe, impressive megalithic constructions present throughout the territory. An ancient land, Sardinia, full of traditions and culture that have survived in time and come[ see ]



The carnival in Sardinia has ancien traditions. This is evident from the carnivals barbaricini from anthropomorphic and zoomorphic masks, the clothes of goat skins, coarse wool and cowbells. They are the remaining of mysterious rites, dances and propitiatory rites. Even the context is something archaic, the Fires of St. Anthony[ see ]

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