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Agritourism and Restaurant

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Every holiday is a unique experience. The small things together make it one in a million. The details make an unique combination.THE TRIP, as discovery .
At Su Boschettu agritourism in South West Sardinia we know it well, all the knowledge, the traditions, the soul of a population mix in food. And after many emotions, the dinner ends the day with a bang.At Su Boschettu agritourism,  you are welcome in a home which is historical and cultural symbol of this philosophy itself. The centuries-old manor house, at the centre of a big multifunctional farm in a territory, the Marmilla, which has excellent agricultural productions, “organic” by nature. You immediately feel that it is the trip essential step.Scents and flavours deriving from genuine food prepared at the moment. From sun-dried cereals, the meats and cheeses of natural grazings of the hills around, our genuine and unique wines, fruits and vegetables just picked. Mixed in a unique combination from the great ability which derives from an old experience.An after-dinner with homemade small delicacies.

In the morning, which awakening can be more relaxing,in the absolute silence animated by the birds song only, the smell of just fresh-baked food for breakfast. At a suitable schedule for your rhythms and needs. With an exemplary table service. And around the luxuriant nature of an uncontaminated territory.

It’s no coincidence that Lonely Planet, the guide made by travellers, has included Su Boschettu Agritourism among the recommended accommodations for South West Sardinia

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